Analytical leader with strong general business savvy. Creative thinking applied to complex issues. Promotes a team-based work atmosphere.

Complex and challenging environments are preferred, where coordination of capabilities and resources to influence outcomes is paramount.

Vision and experience across a wide array of technologies and industries, supporting the business strategy.

Value to the Organization...

Business Management:
  • Levererages entrepreneurial understanding with current technical knowledge and corporate experience.  Track record of drive for positive bottom-line results.
  • Fosters strong and sustainable alliances with business partners and key decision-makers.
  • Excels in fast-paced, challenging industries where business dynamics command a take-charge attitude driven by diligence, creativity, and a willingness to learn and understand the needs of an organization.

Training & Development:
  • Adept at counseling, leading, and developing employees toward a common goal.
  • Proficient in assessing opportunities and creating procedures to maximize productivity and delivering effective messaging to stakeholders.
  • Recognized for expertise in established frameworks and certifications that can be tailored to meet business objectives. courses. 

Entrepreneurial Benefit:
  • Understands the chain of success through growth, to meet economic changes and competitive market activity.
  • Demonstrated success in taking the initiative to identify unique strategies and follow through with impacting presentations to influence stakeholders.