Analytical leader with strong general business savvy. Creative thinking applied to complex issues. Promotes a team-based work atmosphere.

Complex and challenging environments are preferred, where coordination of capabilities and resources to influence outcomes is paramount.

Vision and experience across a wide array of technologies and industries, supporting the business strategy.

Notable Achievements...

Startup/Sales & Marketing Strategy/Business Development

Spearheaded efforts for a successful consulting practice and consulting firm including the business plan, cash flow/financial statements, marketing and sales strategies, and delivery.
Process Improvement
Mapped adverse event process and identified redundancies, opportunities for automation and efficiency and improved FDA reporting to minimize exposure and possible fines.
Security and Compliance
Conducted assessment to highlight exposure and gaps to PCI. Developed remediation action plan, which drove completion in less than six months. Developed security policies that met compliance. Conducted one of the 1st HIPAA assessments in the country.
Acquisition Integration
Integrated newly acquired business locations within Europe and Japan and developed templates to manage stakeholder’s expectations both for the business and technology.
Cost Management
Developed sourcing strategy for utility, market media and consumer goods companies reducing costs by as much as 18% on an annual basis. Improved cash flow, improved operations, and help focus internal IT energies on activities that differentiated their companies.
Program Management
Implemented PMO for a major pharmaceutical. Employed Agile dashboards and other Scrum communication methods to improve communication on progress, issues, and plans to stakeholders.
Solution Architect
Implemented self-provision “private cloud” for major credit reporting company. Implemented several PaaS cloud services that saved clients at least 15% per annum in OPEX.
Vendor Management
Implemented global project on-time using six external service providers for fulfillment, supplemented and managed by a five-person team within the client.